Annual Reports

Each financial year Brisbane North PHN produces an annual report, or ‘Year in Review’ for our board, members and stakeholders which showcases our work over the previous 12 months. 

The 2018/19 Year in Review

In 2018/19, our digital Year in Review includes videos, photo galleries and data about our programs, which are delivered in collaboration with our community partners. View our 2018/19 Digital Review.

The 2017/18 Year in Review

In 2017/18, our Year in Review has gone digital, bringing together highlights from the past 12 months of improving health outcomes for our communities. View our 2017/18 Digital Review.

2016/17 Year in Review

The 2016/17 year was one of reflection and renewal at the Brisbane North PHN. Our Year in Review includes a snapshot of some short and long-term achievements, as well as the shape of things to come. Download the Brisbane North PHN 2016/17 Year in Review (PDF - 6MB).

2015/16 Year in Review

2015/16 was officially the first year of operations for the Brisbane North PHN. Thanks to our organisation’s continuity, it was a year of building on the successes of past years. Download the Brisbane North PHN 2015/16 Year in Review (PDF - 3.3MB).