Reports and Plans

Brisbane North PHN produces a range of reports and plans about our work. These cover planning, implementation and evaluation of our programs and services. 

  • Activity Plans

    Brisbane North PHN produces activity plans for our areas of work. These activity plans are provided below for reference.

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  • Annual Reports

    Each financial year Brisbane North PHN produces an annual report, or ‘Year in Review’ for our board, members and stakeholders which showcases our work over the previous 12 months.

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  • Health Needs Assessments

    Our Health Needs Assessment is developed in consultation with key stakeholders, including our local Hospital and Health Service, clinicians, service providers, community and consumer representatives.

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  • Other plans and reports

    Brisbane North PHN is involved in a wide range of multidisciplinary programs that aim to improve the health of our community. 

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  • Regional plans for health priorities

    We engage with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure planning and commissioning approaches reflect the specific needs and issues within each health priority.

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