Vaccine myths get Medical Mums makeover

Dangerous and pervasive myths about childhood vaccines are the subject of a new animation video, released this month to coincide with World Immunisation Week  (24-30 April 2019).

The video was developed as part of Brisbane North PHN’s annual Medical Mums campaign and tackles some of the main myths known to be causing vaccine hesitancy.

Brisbane North PHN Chief Executive Officer Abbe Anderson said the Medical Mums campaign aimed to get parents talking to their GP or other immunisation provider, rather than listening to rumours.

“The internet is rife with misinformation about vaccines and this creates confusion about how to best protect children from infectious diseases,” Ms Anderson said.

“Parents often cite fears about autism, a theory which has been thoroughly disproven, or vaccine safety as reasons for not vaccinating their children,” she said.

“The suggestion that alternative therapies can protect us from vaccine-preventable diseases is another myth to get the Medical Mums makeover, as is the idea that proper hygiene and sanitation is enough to keep us safe.

“Health professionals are best placed to provide accurate, scientifically proven advice about immunisation. They know vaccine fears are unfounded, but if left unchecked, these myths can spread faster than the disease itself,” Ms Anderson said.

Medical Mums campaign advertising will commence during World Immunisation Week across various digital platforms and on Tonic Media TV in general practice waiting rooms.

Primary Care Liaison Officers employed with Brisbane North PHN will distribute patient-facing print resources to general practices across the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region.

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