The Practice Incentives Program is starting in August 2019

The Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive is a payment to general practices who participate in activities that support continuous quality improvement in patient outcomes and the delivery of best practice care.

General practices enrolled in the PIP QI incentive commit to implementing continuous quality improvement activities that support them in their role of managing their patient's health. They also commit to submitting nationally consistent, de-identified general practice data, with a focus on ten key improvement measures that contribute to local, regional and national health outcomes.

The improvement measures allow general practices to understand which patients may benefit from preventative treatments and this can help delay progression of the condition, improve quality of life, increase life expectancy, and decrease the need for high cost interventions.

The improvement measures are not designed to assess individual general practice or general practitioner performance. They do support a regional and national understanding of chronic disease management in areas of high need, and future iterations will respond to emerging evidence on areas of high need.

For more information click here or contact your Brisbane North PHN Primary Care Liaison Officer on 07 3630 7300.