Stop the rise of STIs

Queensland Health's sexual health campaign, Stop the Rise of STIs, aims to encourage young people to see their GP or health professional to get tested for Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs).

STI rates in Queensland are high and increasing each year. 

Queenslanders aged 15-29 have among the highest rates of STIs and significant knowledge gaps when it comes to STIs and sexual health.

Many young Queenslanders are not practising safe sex and not getting tested for STIs.

You can help raise awareness of STIs by promoting good sexual health, encouraging patients to discuss their sexual health and offering routine STI testing, every year or with each new partner. To assist you with these important conversations, Queensland Health has prepared materials including a conversation starter sheet and a ‘how to’ testing tool. 

These materials and other helpful resources can be found on the Queensland Health sexual health web page.