Smart Referrals coming soon to Queensland

Smart Referrals will allow those involved in patient care to better manage the patient journey, improve patient safety and reduce specialist outpatient wait times. The program is being implemented across the state in 2019.

What is Smart Referrals?
Smart Referrals are digital referrals integrated with GP practice management software that will enable faster, streamlined management of referrals to Queensland public hospitals.

Why Smart Referrals?

  • Queensland Health is addressing patient access and waiting lists across the patient journey from GP referral to Queensland public hospital specialists.
  • Queensland Health receives almost two million referrals each year, most by post or fax. These may go to the wrong place, or may not have all the information needed to facilitate effective patient care.
  • Smart Referrals is another important step in digital healthcare and will create a connected, modern health system for Queenslanders.
  • Smart Referrals will simplify access to Specialist Outpatient Services, leading to better and efficient health outcomes for patients.
  • Smart Referrals will provide GPs with a new way to track their patient’s specialist outpatient care.


What does it mean for GPs?
Safety and quality of care

  • enhanced quality of referral information, informs clinical handover, triage and treatment of patients.

Workflow efficiency

  • faster, streamlined referral management supports better patient outcomes.

Patient experience

  • enhanced quality of referral information reduces wait times.

GP experience

  • quicker and easier for GPs to refer.

Clinician experience

  • enhanced decision support information improves patient care.

Financial benefits

  • reduction in referral rework and avoidable appointments

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