Planning for Wellbeing launched at Mental Health Expo

Consumers have played a key role in shaping a plan to improve mental health, suicide prevention, and alcohol and other drug treatment services in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

The regional plan, Planning for Wellbeing (2018-2023) was launched in October at the Brisbane Mental Health Expo.

Sponsored by Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Planning for Wellbeing establishes future directions for the region, and has been developed in partnership with healthcare providers and practitioners, people with a lived experience and carers.

Brisbane North PHN Chief Executive Officer Abbe Anderson said the commitment shown by stakeholders to the development of the plan has been demonstrated by the sheer number of participants.

“The groundswell of feedback from the many and diverse stakeholders who engaged with us over 90 consultation events, paints a clear picture of a complex service system and the need for consumers, carers, government and non-government healthcare providers and our own organisations to lead the changes proposed in this plan,” Ms Anderson said.

“We thank those who have contributed to preparation of this plan, either by making their valuable perspectives and insights available to us through consultation, or as part of the team working on the plan.”

The consultation confirmed that that people who access mental health, suicide prevention, and alcohol and other drug treatment services, need healthcare leaders and providers to work together to ensure services are connected and well-integrated.

Stakeholders emphasised that those seeking support to improve their mental health, to prevent suicide or to address problematic use of alcohol and other drugs, experience a myriad of challenges, not all of which are related to mental health or alcohol and other drug use. Eliminating these challenges is an essential first step in improving the wellbeing of those seeking support.

Metro North Mental Health Executive Director Professor Brett Emmerson AM said the plan presents both organisations with the opportunity not only to lead work on ensuring those needing healthcare can access the right services at the right time in the right place, but to engage stakeholders in identifying shared objectives for the future.

“The plan outlines our shared objectives and priority actions to bring about whole of system and whole of community changes, including for carers and diversity groups, sustaining good mental health and how we commission and deliver services,” Prof. Emmerson said.

“This presents a broader challenge for those working in healthcare, not only to work together, but to support people to access options that mean better physical health, care for children and families, housing, training and employment.”

The development of regional plans by PHNs and Hospital and Health Services is an outcome of the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, which was endorsed by the Australian Government and by State and Territory health ministers in August 2017 and is informed by the National Drug Strategy 2017-2026.

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