New five year healthcare plan for older people

Brisbane North is home to a diverse and growing community aged 65 and over, many of whom are living longer and enjoying a healthier and more independent old age than ever before. Equally, a growing number of older people are presenting more often to health care providers with complex co-morbidities.

With a growing, ageing population it is our responsibility to ensure that we tailor our approaches to patient care when it comes to understanding the health needs and requirements of older people in our community.

Metro North and Brisbane North PHN have developed a new five year healthcare plan for older people which will guide the way we deliver healthcare services to this group of people in our community. It is not the last word, but a document that will allow the vision to expand and grow.

Over the next five years, a coordinated, networked service system will evolve to help as many older people as possible to remain in their home environment, connected with their communities and supported by general practice and other community services.

The plan will ensure these people get access to a range of timely and appropriate health care services in their local communities. When they require acute care, appropriate back up services will be available so they can return home from hospital as soon as it is clinically safe to continue their healing and rehabilitation.

This is an inclusive plan involving not only healthcare providers but also patients and their families, community organisations and other stakeholders who will help keep our older population engaged, healthy and connected to their community.

It is our pledge that we will work together to implement this plan over the next five years to improve the coordination, integration and provision of care services to support the health and wellbeing of older people to help them stay healthy and at home.


Shaun Drummond
Chief Executive, Metro North 

Abbe Anderson
Chief Executive, Brisbane North PHN