Mental health expo connects community

The Mental Health Expo, held annually in early October in the Brisbane CBD, brings together government, non-government and private sector services to share mental health information and resources with the community.

Head, Heart, Health was the theme for this year with the intention of reaching the wider population to reduce stigma and increase mental health literacy. It also highlighted wellbeing, resilience and the importance in preventing the onset of mental health problems as well as potentially lessening the severity of existing issues.

The new regional mental health plan Planning for Wellbeing 2018-2023, was launched on the day by Commissioner Ivan Frkovic who praised the plan’s integrated vision for the region. The regional plan has been developed to improve mental health, suicide prevention, alcohol, and other drug treatment services in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Caption: Brisbane North PHN staff members Carla Mendoza, Melissa Cheras, Stephen Giles, Zanthea Chulio, Angela Taylor and Carla Taylor attending the expo.