Local providers witness positive effects of lifestyle campaign

Local providers of the healthy lifestyle program My health for life, are witnessing the positive changes being experienced by program participants.

Since the program launched in 2017, more than 4,500 Queenslanders have taken part.

Participants receive personalised health coaching and support and are encouraged to explore their health goals and work with a facilitator to tackle those goals step-by-step.

In the Brisbane North region there have been over 800 people who have completed the program and over 26,000 people who have accessed the online risk assessment.

Health coaching and support is been delivered by local program providers, with currently 14 providers operating in a range of locations from Toowong to Morayfield. Read on to discover what some of the local providers have to say about the program.

Green Apple Wellness Centre

The Green Apple Wellness Centre provides allied health services, fitness practices and natural therapy options in the one facility.

“The most common feedback that we hear from participants who have completed the My health for life program is how much they enjoy working with a group of likeminded individuals.

It is a great experience to see that lightbulb moment as a participant realises they share past experiences with others in the room. 

We work together to understand chronic disease, cover healthy lifestyle guidelines, create individual goals and actions plan for their chosen health areas.

In past groups, participants have achieved weight loss and reduced their weight circumference, significantly increased fruit and vegetable consumption and weekly exercise. Most importantly, each and every participant believes that the changes they have put in place are sustainable and will continue after the program ends.”

Dietitian Services Queensland

Dietitian Services Queensland provides individual consultations for clients wishing to eat healthier.

“The most common feedback I get from participants is that they like the support they get from the group.  It has been fantastic to see how working through the program has let some participants make major life changes such as going on walking tours, getting medical approval to reduce blood pressure medication, trying new ways to be physically active and making changes to their eating.

Participants really thrive in the group environment.  They support each other by checking in on each other’s progress, providing encouragement when life gets hard and providing possible ideas/suggestions and advice to each other for difficult situations. 

The group program is free for clients and is very useful for people that need support while they try to make lifestyle changes that are hard for them.”

Nutrition Equipped

Nutrition Equipped offer dietitian services and have a keen interest in breast cancer, health prevention and working collaboratively.

“My health for life provides the opportunity to expand our network of health service providers in the local community and better assist the referral of participants.

The participants enjoy the interaction and discussion about the topics raised.

The ups and downs of personal experiences are discussed often accompanied by laughter.

Everyone participates. The support of the group encourages and has a motivating effect.”


Total Exercise Physiology

Total Exercise Physiology is a mixed discipline allied health provider, with exercise physiology, dietitians and a credentialed diabetes educator available throughout the week.

“We are big believers in giving patients the tools to make small but positive changes to improve their health. The My health for life program has allowed us to broaden this and has given us a structured framework to deliver to patients.

We are constantly blown away by the openness of the participants to change, and we are excited to support participant their goals.

Our feedback is that participants enjoy the community that is created, with in their groups reporting that they are supportive and safe environments. They also enjoy the ongoing discussion around how to maintain healthy and active lives.”

Restart Exercise Physiology

Restart Exercise Physiology supports clients as they embark on a journey towards improved mobility, improved health and improved well-being. 

“My health for life is all about coaching participants towards better health and well-being. Our ideal client at Restart falls within the 40 to 60 years age group, which we have observed to be a significant portion of the My health for life demographic.

We love to empower and educate our clients to take full responsibility for their health status, and seeing them take these tools on board to improve their energy levels, vitality, vigour, and zest for life, as well as reduce their chronic disease risk, is very rewarding!

We have found that the participants of our programs to date report enjoying the support that the program provides: support both from ourselves as the facilitators, and the fellow participants of the group. Knowing that they are not embarking on this journey alone really serves to provide extra motivation and encouragement to the participants to make the lifestyle changes that they desire, as well as a healthy dose of accountability.”

True North Wellness

True North Wellness is an exercise and health clinic with a passionate team of allied health professionals including exercise physiologists, dietitians and a diabetes educator.

“My health for life is a perfect supplement to the services we provide that help people to reach their true health potential. The program focuses on long term behaviour change supporting people to make small lifestyle changes that add up over time.

Our participants all enjoy the group support and interaction of the program. This is often the surprising factor—they don’t expect to get as much from the group as they do. Participants receive the support, education and, most importantly, practical planning to help them achieve their health goals.”


To complete the online risk assessment or to download the referral form visit https://www.myhealthforlife.com.au, call 13 RISK for more information or download the 2019 face-to-face participant sessions within the region (163KB PDF)