LGBTIQ Sistergirl and Brotherboy suicide prevention

LGBTIQ Sistergirls, Brotherboys and communities are the focus of suicide prevention efforts through a range of activities supported by Brisbane North and Brisbane South PHNs.

As a part of the National Suicide Prevention Trial (NSPT), Queensland Council for LGBTIQ Health (QC) recently launched Talking Heals, a LGBTIQ Sistergirl and Brotherboy specific suicide prevention campaign that features artwork developed by LGBTIQ community members.

Sitting alongside the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Yarns Heal suicide prevention campaign, Talking Heals promotes the importance of LGBTIQ Sistergirls and Brotherboys openly talking and sharing stories about suicide.

To help LGBTIQ communities gain confidence talking about suicide, and to provide support when someone may be at risk of suicide, QC is facilitating a series of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) workshops specifically for the LGBTI communities as part of the Planning for Wellbeing Regional Plan implementation.

The delivery of these workshops has been designed specifically to support the accessibility, safety and inclusion of LGBTIQ people, with workshop facilitators trained as part of the National Suicide Prevention Trial in a strategy to build a sustainable suicide prevention response.

Led and driven by the LGBTIQ communities, the ASIST workshops, the Talking Heals campaign and the NSPT suicide prevention services are working together to deliver a comprehensive response to the high rates of suicide in LGBTIQ communities.

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