Invitation to register for GP to GP referrals

A Brisbane North HealthPathways initiative GP to GP referrals is an information resource on the HealthPathways website.

It contains the details of GPs who are willing to provide procedural services to other GPs. The page lists specific procedures and the GPs who can provide these services.

This allows GPs to use the skills of other GPs as a convenient alternative to referring to a public or private specialist. Arrangements for follow up can be discussed between the referrer and service provider.

There is no governance provided around this resource, it is purely to give GPs an opportunity to see who provides these services. We suggest that referral should be in writing but all arrangements should be negotiated between the GPs involved, including out of pocket expenses for the patient.

This HealthPathways resource promotes greater visibility of the services provided by GPs, while encouraging collaboration in primary care and improving access for patients.

Visit the Brisbane North HealthPathways GP to GP referrals page for more details:

Register now to be included in the list of GPs taking referrals for:

  • Ferrinject® iron infusion therapy
  • Mirena® insertion/removal
  • Implanon® insertion/removal
  • Vasectomy
  • Wedge resection/phenolisation for in-grown toenail
  • Ear toilet/microsuction (not syringing)

If you are interested in providing any of these services to your GP colleagues download the request form at, fill in your details and submit to