GP respiratory clinic rolled out to help the region’s COVID-19 effort

GP respiratory clinics are now open in the Brisbane North and Moreton Bay region, established as part of the Department of Health's response to COVID-19 testing and management.

The fully accredited respiratory clinic at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is designed to relieve pressure within the hospital system by treating mild-moderate respiratory illnesses and providing COVID-19 testing.

The respiratory clinic is run separately to the Morayfield Health Hub’s regular GP clinic, which means patients visiting the regular GP clinic have no interaction with respiratory patients.

In the respiratory clinic there is use of full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gowns, goggles and gloves by staff.

In the main GP clinic, other COVID-19 protocols offered include: • bulk-billed telehealth consultations offered to all patients

  • increased cleaning measures
  • adequate signage to promote social distancing measures
  • promoting proper hand hygiene and supplying hand sanitiser within the clinic.

Recently, the PHN posed a few questions to Health Hub Doctors Morayfield Director, Dr Evan Jones regarding the clinic’s efficient response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the capacity of the new GP respiratory clinic?

We have 12 rooms and can operate at high numbers. We estimate about 450 patients per day but our busiest day so far has been 276 patients.

What made the Health Hub Morayfield team confident they could launch the respiratory clinic?

We designed the building to be able to operate in a pandemic and were effectively providing the service for weeks before the Federal Government contract. We had a building designed to operate in a pandemic and had written our plan two years before the pandemic arrived. We acted early and had existing stores of PPE. The staff here have adapted well. They have four hours in PPE before taking a break.

Are you seeing just as many of your regular patients on top of all the potential COVID-19 patients?

Yes. They feel safe coming into a clinic that has excluded all respiratory disease to a separate area with separate air conditioning etc. Additionally, all treatment at the respiratory clinic is free, and results are sent back to their regular GP.

For more information visit, phone 07 5322 4900 or the respiratory clinic on 07 5322 4901.