“Education on my terms”: Warner GP shares experience with Project ECHO®

With a range of children’s health topics now offered, Warner GP and General Practice Liaison Officer Dr Srishti Dutta, is calling on her peers to consider an innovative model of telementoring and casebased learning offered through Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CHQ).

Dr Dutta is a strong advocate for Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), which is delivered by CHQ and facilitates access to specialty-level care and education on a range of children’s health topics.

“I started with the project in 2017 with a four-week old baby in tow, so the obvious benefit for me was to be able to continue engaging in personal development and learning remotely, as opposed to making myself available for face-to-face education—a challenge which is often present for my GP colleagues for a range of reasons,” Dr Dutta said.

Dr Dutta reflected on having access to a panel of specialists each with different expertise and experience as part of the ADHD education series, including a general paediatrician, developmental paediatrician, developmental psychologist, senior guidance officer and parent representative.

“Another benefit of Project ECHO® is the access to an expert panel for advice, like a grand round of sorts which I still have access to return to and refine my learning,” she said.

“It brought together for me, and in turn to my patient, the benefits of being involved in a multidisciplinary team, clear communication and interaction in a collaborative environment without the hassles of time and place constraints. It allowed the patient to remain in my care and hence helped improve my ongoing relationship and trust with them. It allowed me access to some professionals such as the school guidance counsellor who I would not have had direct contact with on any other medical platform,” Dr Dutta said.

Dr Dutta has completed the Project ECHO® ADHD series and is currently undertaking the kids behavioural and mental health series.

“Project ECHO® enabled me to assess and self reflect on whether the quality of care I was providing was consistent with and to a standard expected within my peer group.”

The series is held over 60-90-minute videoconferences in a routine timetable. Each session consists of a 10-minute didactic followed by a de-identified case presentation by one of the participants. GP participants can claim a MBS Case Conferencing item if they present. In addition, participation in the series attracts 40 Category 1 points, accredited as an active learning module through the RACGP QI&CPD program. Remaining sessions for 2018 are on topics including:

• kids behavioural and mental health
• childhood overweight and obesity
• paediatric persistent pain
• refugee kids.

For more information or to register your interest in an upcoming Project ECHO® series, contact ECHO.CHQ@health. qld.gov.au, phone 07 3069 7120 or visit www.childrens.health. qld.gov.au/chq/health-professionals/project-echo.