Coming soon - Practice Incentives Program quality improvement payment

The implementation date of the Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive (PIP QI) has been revised and will now be rolled out in August 2019.

It will combine multiple incentives into a single Quality Improvement Incentive and support practices to improve record keeping for patient information, and to use the information to drive quality in patient care.

The QI Incentive aims to recognise and support those practices that commit to improving the care they provide to their patients. Participating practices will be supported to utilise the information they have about their own communities and their knowledge of the particular needs of their own patients to develop innovative strategies to drive improvement.

Accredited practices can access the PIP QI if they are undertaking continuous quality improvement activities through the collection and review of practice data or information.

This data may be used to inform regional planning and health policy development at a national level. Importantly, there will be a feedback loop to provide practices with timely information about improvements in care, with the opportunity to benchmark and progress their own quality improvement.

In readiness for the PIP QI, your Primary Care Liaison Officer can support you with Pen Clinical Audit Tool (Pen CAT) installation and training, which allows practices to analyse data, improve patient care and report on quality improvement activities.

The Pen CAT auditing tool aims to impact the day to day operations of general practice from both an administrative and clinical perspective. General practices using using MD3, Best Practice, Zedmed, Genie Solutions, Medtech, Stat Health and Medinet clinical software systems are able to use Pen CAT.


The following resources from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners may assist GPs in preparing for the PIP QI:

For more information on PIP QI or Pen CAT contact your Primary Care Liaison Officer or visit