Achieving wellbeing through the Optimal Health Program

Neami National’s Optimal Health Program (OHP) is an eight-session group and individual program that helps people improve their wellbeing.

The free program is available for everyone seeking better life balance and improved wellbeing and is funded by Brisbane North PHN in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region. The OHP takes a holistic approach to wellbeing; exploring the roles that the areas of social, emotional, physical, spiritual or values, engagement and intellectual play in our everyday lives.

The sessions encourage participants to recognise what is meaningful and purposeful in their lives, acknowledging and understanding the impact of stress and vulnerability, while focusing on strengths and effective strategies to promote positive change. The program also builds the individual’s self-efficacy through developing and implementing positive goal-setting and visioning.

The OHP is delivered in a group (up to 8-10 people) and incudes four individual coaching sessions. These sessions capture the person’s narrative to enhance their wellbeing.

The OHP is flexible enough to contextualise it to meet the needs of the individual participant or a specific group, with groups already delivered to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, carers, people in contact with the criminal justice system through probation and parole, people experiencing mental illness and people with problematic substance use.

The OHP has been developed by Frameworks for Health, St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) and is an evidence-based Collaborative Therapy Program.

What participants have said

A participant from Nundah said, “This program is great for making you self-aware, so that you can make changes that will help you live a better life.”

Another participant from Brisbane said, “Identifying stressors and how I deal with them, their effects on so many different areas like physical, emotional and mental has been helpful. Also how I can use my innate strengths to work through things I find challenging. Now I regularly ask myself, what would I usually do?”

Referral to the Optimal Health Program

People may self-refer to the program and health professionals can also refer people to the service.

Phone Neami National on 07 3205 6622, email or visit

About PHN-commissioned low intensity psychological services

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