A commitment to quality improvement

From 1 July 2019, Brisbane North PHN is introducing Enhanced Quality in Practice (EQiP), a stepped approach to supporting quality improvement in general practice.

With the Australian healthcare system facing a number of challenges—the rising burden of chronic disease, an ageing population and increasing costs of providing healthcare—the case for high performing primary care has never been stronger.

Undertaking quality improvement activities can allow a practice to move from a reactive model of care to a model that supports patients to self-manage, stay well and engage in regular preventative care.

EQiP is a practice-led program designed for practices at all stages of their quality improvement journey. Brisbane North Primary Care Liaison Officers can guide practices in the design and implementation of meaningful quality improvement activities, responding to an evolving healthcare climate that includes the coming PIP Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive.

The EQiP program will ensure practices are moving towards high performing primary care and meeting the requirements of quality improvement.

The Primary Care Liaison Officers at Brisbane North PHN can support:

  • the adoption of best practice methods to improve quality of care
  • the meaningful use of digital systems to maximise the flow of patient information across the health provider community
  • the use, collection and reporting of clinical data via a clinical audit tool
  • practices to meet the requirements of the PIP QI Incentive and RACGP 5 Edition Standards of Accreditation
  • education and professional development for all practice staff.

Some of the benefits of engaging in quality improvement activities include:

  • a strong practice team that welcomes contribution from all staff
  • a culture of collaboration and continuous quality improvement
  • a safe and comprehensive healthcare experience for patients
  • improved health outcomes for patients
  • improved workflows, systems and business performance
  • support to meet the requirements for PIP QI and accreditation
  • a practice that is prepared for future models of care.

For more information contact the Brisbane North PHN Primary Care Liaison Officers on 07 3630 7300 or visit http://bit.ly/PCLOcontact.