Brisbane MIND

The primary focus of Brisbane MIND services within a stepped care approach to mental health services is for people with moderate mental illness who are not clinically suited to low intensity mental health services. When an individual is diagnosed with a severe mental illness, Brisbane MIND is only suitable if they are also assessed as likely to benefit from short-term intervention.

Following a comprehensive needs analysis, Brisbane North PHN has identified the following priority groups:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • people at risk of suicide
  • people who have experienced trauma and abuse.
  • people who have had contact with the criminal justice system
  • people who reside in the Morton Bay North region
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex people (LGBTI)


The following eligibility and exclusion criteria applies to the Brisbane MIND Program:

Eligibility criteria (client must meet all eligibility criteria)

  • holds a current healthcare card or pension card
  • be aged 12 years and older
  • lives in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay/Somerset region 
  • the person has a non-acute, moderate mental health condition
  • will benefit from structured, short-term psychological therapy and is able to be managed in a primary care setting
  • has a K10+ score of 25 or higher (or equivalent if using different outcome tool, e.g. K5 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients)
  • has a current mental health treatment plan (please contact the Brisbane MIND team to discuss arrangements where a mental health treatment plan is not available). 

Exclusion criteria

  • the person is at acute or immediate risk of suicide or self-harm – please contact emergency services or local hospital
  • the person has acute mental health needs or who is under the care of  Public Mental Health
  • chronic dementia, delirium, tobacco use disorder and/or mental disability
  • involved with workers compensation or motor vehicle compensation proceedings
  • long term chronic, complex mental health issues.

Referral Information

Who Can refer

The following professionals are able to refer into the Brisbane MIND program:

  • GPs
  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical Nurses Acute Care Team

NOTE: The referring GP must practice in the Brisbane North PHN region as a general rule. We will consider one GP referral per practice outside of the region dependent on circumstances. 

Referral Caps

To allow us to manage the demand for the Brisbane MIND program, referrals into the program are capped.  These caps are set every six (6) months. As the Moreton Bay North and Somerset region has the highest demand and least services available (as indicated in the Brisbane North PHN needs anaylsis), this region has been allocated a higher number of referral caps.

From January to June 2019, the following referral caps apply per GP, Psychiatrist or Clinical Nurse:

  • Two (2) caps for the Brisbane City Council region
  • Two (2) caps for the Moreton Bay South region
  • Four (4) caps for the Moreton Bay North/Somerset region

Brisbane MIND Service Map

GPs now have access to an expanded range of PHN commissioned mental health and suicide prevention services to support their patients.

Number of sessions (per referral):

Referral session numbers are capped as per the following:

  • General program referrals - a maximum of twelve (12) sessions.  Referral is valid for one (1) year
  • Suicide Prevention program referrals - a maximum of sixteen (16) sessions. Referral is valid for a period of three (3) months.

Brisbane MIND Referral Templates

Brisbane MIND referral templates can be downloaded below.

Importing instructions for medical software (PDF - 612 KB)

Brisbane MIND referral - MD  |  Best Practice  | Print and Write PDF

Brisbane MIND Directory

The Brisbane North PHN has created a Listing of Brisbane MIND Providers (updated March 2019) to assist with locating Allied Health Professionals in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay. 

The Allied Health Professional selected to provide services to a client must be registered as a Brisbane MIND provider.

For information on Brisbane MIND providers, please contact the Brisbane MIND team on 07 3630 7339.

Other services

If you have patients that need to access psychological therapies, please consider the following alternatives:

Better Access – this is the MBS-funded, universal access scheme for psychological therapies.  Some psychologists, psychiatrists and other providers may offer bulk-billed services or reduced gap fees for people in financial hardship. Providers in your area can be found at the National Health Services Directory

NewAccess - NewAccess is a program developed by beyondblue that provides free and confidential support to people with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety or depression, to help them tackle day-to-day pressures. A NewAccess coach, specially trained and experienced, supports people in setting practical goals that help get them back on track.  The program includes six free sessions with a NewAccess coach via phone or face-to-face. NewAccess is delivered in this region by Mental Illness Fellowship Qld (MIFQ) via self or professional referral at 07 3358 4424 or

headspace - mental health services for 12-25 year olds including one-to-one counselling, supportive family psycho-education and support groups.  Centres in Caboolture, Nundah, Redcliffe and Taringa see for contact details.  Online counselling also available at

Suicide Call Back Service - nationwide service that provides 24/7 telephone, video and online professional counselling to people who are affected by suicide. They can provide up to six free telephone counselling sessions with the same counsellor scheduled at times to best suit the patient’s needs. Call 1300 659 467 or visit

1300 MH Call (1300 64 22 55) FREE - 24-hour specialist mental healthcare, a point of contact for Metro North Mental Health, providing support, information.

Other mental health services in the region can be found at and a range of online and e-mental health services are available through

Group Therapy Programs

Brisbane MIND has approved a number of group therapy programs that current Brisbane MIND clients are eligible to participate in. 

GPs wanting to refer a client directly into a group therapy program should contact Brisbane MIND. Providers wanting to refer their Brisbane MIND client into an approved group therapy program should complete FORM 3 - Clinician Referral to Group Therapy Program.

Brisbane MIND Resources - Providers

Service provider guidelines

Please contact the Brisbane MIND team for the latest version of the Brisbane MIND service provider guidelines.

Provider Forms

All forms to be used for Brisbane MIND can be accessed below.  Please note when you access these word documents they will appear at the bottom of your screen as a downloaded document.

Application for Group Therapy Program
Contract Representatives are able to apply for approval to conduct an approved Brisbane MIND group therapy program. Please complete and submit FORM 2 - Application for Group Therapy Program.

Clinician Referral to Group Therapy Program
Any provider is able to refer any Brisbane MIND client into any Brisbane MIND approved group therapy program. Please complete and submit FORM 3 - Clinician Referral to Group Therapy Program.

Leave of Absence Notification
Contractor Representatives are responsible for advising Brisbane MIND if there is a change in provider availability. When a provider is away for more than two weeks, please complete and submit FORM 4 – Notification of Approved Clinician Leave of Absence.

Clinician Withdrawing from Program
When a clinician is withdrawing from the Brisbane MIND/MIND4KiDS program, please complete and submit FORM 5a – Brisbane MIND/MIND5KiDS: Clinician Withdrawing from Program.

New Clinician Form
When a new clinician is to be registered as a Brisbane MIND/MIND4KiDS provider, please complete and submit FORM 5b – Brisbane MIND/MIND5KiDS: New Approved Clinician Form. Please note that as the current Brisbane MIND provider network is at capacity, we are only accepting registrations for new clinicians if they are replacing a clinician leaving an organisation.

Incident Report Form
Brisbane North PHN require formal notification of any complaint or incident involving a Brisbane MIND client. Contractor Representatives are to advise Brisbane MIND at the earliest opportunity using FORM 6 - Incident Report.

Please email completed forms to  

Contact the Brisbane MIND Team at Brisbane North PHN

Phone: 07 3630 7339
Fax: 07 3630 7839