Resources For immunisation providers

Vaccine Management Plan template

Providers who order Queensland Health funded vaccines, as part of the Queensland Immunisation Program, are required to operate under a documented Vaccine Management Plan. 

This plan must be based on the Department of Health Strive for 5 guidelines for national vaccine storage. To assist practices with meeting this requirement, the Metro North Public Health Unit (MNPHU) has developed a Vaccine Management Plan template (Word Doc 108KB) (2019).

For further information, please contact MNPHU on 07 3624 1111.

Immunisation records and data explained

Immunisation records and data explained: a guide for immunisation providers (3rd edition, July 2018) – Queensland Health has been written for immunisation providers in Queensland and can be used for:

  • training new staff or updating current staff
  • answering questions about immunisation record keeping
  • troubleshooting immunisation data issues.
Instructional videos for the Australian Immunisation Register

A series of training videos has been developed to help Queensland GPs and their practice staff understand how to use the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

View the Instructional videos for the Australian Immunisation Register, including:

  • How to request access to AIR
  • How to log into AIR
  • How to use the secure email
  • How to find and interpret immunisation records
  • How to record and update immunisation encounters for individuals under 20 years
  • How to record and update immunisation encounters for individuals above 20 years
  • How to lodge a medical exemption/natural immunity form
  • How to interpret and enter overseas immunisation information
  • How to request reports
  • How to reconcile your immunisation data with AIR.
Useful immunisation resources and links
Immunisation updates

Funded influenza vaccine for children aged 6 months to less than 5 years (January 2018) - Queensland Health

Immunisation program updates – Queensland Health (latest national and Queensland immunisation news, including updates about current campaigns)

National Immunisation Program (childhood) schedule changes from 1 July 2018 – clinical advice for vaccination providers - Department of Health

Australian Immunisation Register for health professionals: National due and overdue rules for immunisation - Department of Human Services 

Immunisation catchup event resources