Live well, age well – vaccinate for life

Low rates of vaccination for adults aged 65 years and over has prompted a new campaign from Brisbane North PHN, which calls on general practices to keep track of all adult immunisations—not just the flu vaccination.

The Australian Immunisation Register shows the largest unvaccinated group of people are adults 65 years and over. In addition to low rates of vaccinations for this population group, adult immunisations are under reported to the register, affecting the ability to monitor coverage levels and identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks.

The campaign is a reminder that vaccination is an important part of healthy ageing. For older at-risk populations, vaccines can do more than stop infections—they also prevent and lessen the impact of severe consequences that may arise from infections.

The campaign resources prompt health professionals to check in with older patients and start the immunisation conversation; ensuring older adults are vaccinated for influenza, pneumococcal, dTpa and varicella zoster.

Campaign resources

CLICK HERE to download the Live well, age well poster (PDF 149KB)

CLICK HERE to download the Live well, age well fact sheet (PDF 158KB)

Printed copies of these resources are available. Please speak to your Primary Care Liaison Officer.

Visit the Australian Immunisations Handbook website at for additional recommendations about vaccines for older adults.