Digital Health

The Australian digital health environment incorporates several digital infrastructure and technologies at national, state, regional and organisation levels. 

For more information about Australia's National Digital Health Strategy, visit the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) website.

Brisbane North PHN assists primary healthcare providers to understand and make meaningful use of digital health. Our Primary Care Liaison Officers provide support for all aspects of digital health, including:

My Health Record

Brisbane North PHN is working with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to support the My Health Record expansion and embed My Health Record use and awareness across healthcare providers.

PIP eHealth incentive

The PIP eHealth Incentive aims to encourage practices to keep up to date with digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available.

Secure messaging

This electronic messaging software enables health professionals to send and receive sensitive or confidential documents electronically and securely. It is simple, easy to use, and saves time and money. A range of secure messaging products are available, including Medical-Objects, Argus and HealthLink.  


Telehealth removes some of the barriers to accessing medical services for Australians who have difficulty getting to a specialist or live in rural and remote areas.

Health Data

The PHN works with general practices to improve the quality of their patient data. This enhances outcomes for the practice and patients but also informs the PHN’s population health planning.

Health Provider Portal

Queensland GPs can now access their patients’ public hospital results through the Health Provider Portal (HPP). This read-only, secure online access portal allows GPs to view a range of patient hospital information including radiology and laboratory results, medications and discharge summaries and much more. 

For more information about the Health Provider Portal for GPs and patients, visit the Queensland Health Health Provider Portal website.