Yellow Envelope

Clinical handover of aged care residents safer and easier with redesigned Yellow Envelope

While residential aged care providers make every effort to ensure residents receive the best care, from time-to-time they may need to transfer residents to a hospital to access certain procedures or to see a specialist. 

In these instances, effective clinical handover can reduce communication errors between health and aged care professionals and can improve care delivery and patient safety.

The Yellow Envelope is a clinical handover tool designed for use within the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay catchment to support the transfer of aged care residents to and from hospital.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Suzi Richens, Clinical Development Manager at Peninsula Palms aged care facility in Rothwell, explains why the Yellow Envelope is important for safe clinical handover. 

Poor or absent clinical handover can have extremely serious consequences for patients. It can result in delays in the provision of a diagnosis or treatment, tests being missed or duplicated, and can lead to the wrong treatment or medication being administered.

For this reason, Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Hospital and Health Service (HHS) have revised and refreshed the Yellow Envelope to meet best practice clinical handover procedures.

The Yellow Envelope was launched in May 2009 following a study, funded by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, which aimed to develop an audit tool focused specifically on information flow in residential aged care facilities and hospital transfers.

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ORDER THE YELLOW ENVELOPE: Aged care services wishing to obtain copies of the revised Yellow Envelope can contact Brisbane North PHN on 07 3630 7300 or email:

TRANSFER TO HOSPITAL FORM: Residential Aged Care Facility transfer to hospital form