Feedback, complaints and whistleblowing information

To provide feedback on Brisbane North PHN please email further information download our feedback and complaints guide (PDF - 132KB)

Department of Health 

You may choose to directly engage with the Department of Health to seek a review of the PHN’s management, handling or decision regarding feedback we have provided to you. 

To seek a review by the Department of Health, feedback can be submitted to or at the following address:

PHN Operations Section 
Program Delivery Branch 
Health Grants and Network Division 
Australian Government Department of Health 
GPO Box 9848 
Canberra ACT 2601 

A copy of the Department’s PHN Program Complaints Policy can be found here.  


The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019 provides protections for people making disclosures about suspected unlawful, negligent or improper conduct at an organisation, or about danger to the public health or safety of the environment. 

We encourage ethical reporting of wrongdoing. We are committed to ensuring that whistleblowing disclosures are appropriately investigated, assessed and managed to address wrongdoing, and to ensuring that those who make disclosures are supported and protected from reprisals. We will, to the greatest extent possible, keep the disclosure and identity of the whistleblower confidential while ensuring complaints are properly managed. 

Making a disclosure 

Contact independent service Stopline who are experienced in impartially and confidentially managing disclosures. Depending of the level of anonymity the discloser selects, Stopline will act as an intermediary between the discloser and the organisation in receiving and forwarding on communication.  

Employees also have the option of reporting a matter internally. 

If an employee intentionally gives false or misleading information in a whistleblower report or during the investigation, they can be subject to disciplinary action. 

Contact Stopline via 1300 30 45 50, or make a secure report online

More information on whistleblower protection can be found here.  If you require more information on the PHN’s whistleblower policy and procedure please contact the Manager | Human Resources on 07 3630 7377.