Our Committees

Brisbane North PHN’s Clinical Council and Community Advisory Committee, engage local clinicians and the community in the planning processes of the PHN. 

Members of the Clinical Council and Community Advisory Committee bring together a wealth of experience across general practice, allied health, community health providers, hospital and health services, consumers and the community. 

The Clinical Council and Community Advisory Committee meet regularly to provide locally-relevant advice and strategic input to the Brisbane North PHN Board. These groups play a critical role in supporting the delivery of best practice clinical and community health care in order to improve health outcomes for our communities.

The Clinical Council is comprised of 12 members and includes general practitioners, allied and mental health professionals along with acute care specialists and pharmacists, representing the full spectrum of healthcare services.

The Community Advisory Committee includes nine consumer and carer representatives with extensive experience across a range of community health services as well as representatives from populations with unmet health needs. 

These individuals bring their varied health experiences and insights to inform improved service planning and delivery.

The Clinical Council and Community Advisory Committee play an integral role in Brisbane North PHN’s commissioning process. Strategic level recommendations from these groups include identifying the needs of local communities, prioritisation of these needs as well as shaping the planning and delivery of Brisbane North PHN’s programs and services through the co-design of appropriate and adaptive solutions.