Hospital eReferral Templates

On this page GPs can download eReferral templates for medical practice software. Please ensure that your read the Importing Instructions (PDF - 612 KB) prior to installing these templates. If you need any assistance with these templates, please contact your Primary Care Liaison Officer.

Central Patient Intake Templates

All referrals to Metro North Hospital and Health Service Specialist Outpatient Services are processed through the Central Patient Intake (excluding Mental Health, Community, Indigenous and Subacute Services, Oral Health and Lady Cilento Children's Hospital). For more information on Central Patient Intake visit Refer a Patient website or download the Frequently Asked Questions.

CPI eReferral templates can be downloaded below:

Metro North Hospital and Health Service eReferral templates and Specialists Lists

RBWH - adult
MD (v5.2) |  Best Practice (v5.2)  |  PractiX (v4.9)  |  Genie (v5.2)  |  ZedMed  (v5.2)

RBWH adult - Specialists List (v5.2)

TPCH - adult
MD (v5.2)  |  Best Practice (v5.2)  |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2)  |  ZedMed (v5.2)

The Prince Charles Hospital Specialists List (v5.2)

Redcliffe Hospital - adult    
MD (v5.2)  |  Best Practice (v5.2)  |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2)  |  ZedMed (v5.2)

Redcliffe Hospital Specialists List (v5.2)

Caboolture Hospital - adult    
MD (v5.2)  |  Best Practice (v5.2)  |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2)  |  ZedMed (v5.2)

Caboolture Hospital Specialists List (v5.2)

Palliative care
MD (v5.2)  |  Best Practice (v5.2)   |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2) |  ZedMed (v5.2)

Palliative care Specialists List (v5.2)

Maternity shared care
MD (v5.2)  | Best Practice (v5.2)  |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2) |  ZedMed (v5.2)

Maternity Specialists List (v5.2)

General paediatrics
MD (v5.2) |  Best Practice (v5.2) |  PractiX (v4.9) |  Genie (v5.2) | ZedMed (v5.2)

Paediatrics Specialists List (v5.2)

Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital eReferral templates can be downloaded from Children's Health Queensland's website.

Download the Consent / Request for Release of Patient Information form or view other Resources for Health Professionals.

Other Hospital eReferral templates

St Vincent's Private Hospital
Funded by Queensland Health to deliver community palliative care. 

GP Resources

Maternity GP Shared Care Guideline (PDF, 5.3MB)
Antenatal Shared Care Flowchart (PDF, 269KB)
Update GP Practice Details - STS AddressBook Update Form