Palliative Care

In 2016, Brisbane North PHN commissioned the Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education (CPCRE) to undertake a community palliative care education program. 

As part of this work, resources were developed to support local GPs to access palliative care support for their patients:

These resources will be incorporated into HealthPathways in the near future and will be updated by the PHN. Please advise us or any errors or omissions by email to

Paediatric Palliative Care

For information on paediatric palliative care services offered by Lady Cilento Children's Hospital visit the Children's Health Queensland Palliative Care website.

Palliative Care eReferral templates

GPs can download the latest palliative care eReferral templates for the Metro North Brisbane from our Hospital eReferrals page. These templates are compatitble with medical software.

Organisations that do not have medical software can use the following: