Suicide prevention services

Brisbane North PHN funds a number of programs to deliver suicide prevention services in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region. 
Services in this section

The Way Back Support Service - Mental Illness Fellowship  Queensland and beyondblue

Introduction to the service provider 
Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ) provides recovery-orientated support that promotes personal growth and encourages people to connect with their inner strengths and community supports.

Introduction to the service 
Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ) is working with Brisbane North PHN, beyondblue and Redcliffe Hospital to develop and deliver a trial follow-up community-based suicide prevention service in the Redcliffe region. MIFQ is working in partnership with beyondblue to implement The Way Back Support Service, a beyondblue initiative providing non clinical follow-up care and support. Clinical support will also be available at this site to meet an identified gap in the Redcliffe community. 

This new trial service integrates, complements and works collaboratively with the Redcliffe Hospital to improve the immediacy of follow-up response for individuals who have recently attempted suicide. Services focus on the delivery of a wrap-around support service.

Eligibility criteria
This service targets people who are 15 years of age or older and who are referred by the Redcliffe Hospital following a recent suicide attempt.
People are eligible for this service:
  • who have presented to Redcliffe Hospital following a suicide attempt and have been referred by the Redcliffe-Caboolture Acute Care Team (RCACT) or the Child and Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS)
  • who have been admitted to Redcliffe Hospital as an inpatient following a suicide attempt and are scheduled to be discharged from Redcliffe Hospital. Referral will be via the Consultant Psychiatrist Liaison Team (CL Team).
Referral information
Given this is a trial service, referral pathways into The Way Back will initially be via Redcliffe Hospital (see eligibility criteria) for people who have attempted suicide. 
It is envisaged that as the trial progresses and depending on demand, the service may extend referrals more broadly across the Redcliffe and Redcliffe Peninsula region, to other service providers (e.g. GPs, community mental health clinics, ambulance, etc.) where people may present following a suicide attempt.
Service access
The Way Back Support Service is commissioned by Brisbane North PHN and there is no cost to the client. 
It operates seven days a week including after hours and on weekends. Support can be provided for up to three months and is provided by MIFQ based at Encircle Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre, and throughout the Redcliffe region.
Contact information
t 07 3358 4424
Please call to be connected to The Way Back referral line.

Suicide prevention services guide - A guide to community-based suicide prevention services in North Brisbane and Moreton Bay

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