Brisbane MIND Services

Brisbane North PHN’s Brisbane MIND program aims to improve access to quality primary mental health care for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across the North Brisbane and Morton Bay regions.

The Brisbane MIND program provides short-term mental health care for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues and who have difficulty accessing other services, including the Better Access (Medicare subsidised) program.

Changes to Brisbane MIND and Brisbane MIND4KiDS referrals February – June 2018

Over the past year, Brisbane North PHN has seen a significant increase in demand for these services, with more GPs referring, more individuals being referred and those individuals each accessing a higher number of sessions.  Brisbane MIND has a fixed budget and due to the increase in demand this financial year, we have had to make the following temporary program adjustments.
Effective immediately and until 30 June 2018:
  • Brisbane MIND can only receive suicide prevention referrals for people living in the Moreton Bay local government region who meet the full eligibility criteria for the Brisbane Mind Program The number of referrals available will be capped at two (2) per GP. (calculated from 1st January 2018)
  • No further general Brisbane MIND referrals will be available across the PHN region during this period.
  • The number of referrals available for Brisbane MIND4KiDS will be capped at one (1) per GP across the PHN region. (calculated from 1st January 2018)
  • All clients currently receiving a Brisbane MIND or Brisbane MIND4KiDS service will continue to do so, up to a maximum limit of 12 sessions for general referrals and unlimited within two (2) months for suicide referrals.

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