Care Coordination and Supplementary Services (CCSS)

The CCSS program aims to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have chronic disease, through improving access to coordinated multidisciplinary care. Eligible clients receive assistance to comply with health care plans. Care Coordinators have access to funds to expedite access to urgent or essential allied health, specialist or other support services.

The program is open to any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who has at least one chronic disease, which may include: diabetes, cancer, chronic renal (kidney) disease, cardiovascular disease or chronic respiratory disease, and who:

  • have a care plan
  • have a completed Indigenous Health Check.

If you have patients who you think are suitable for CCSS, phone the CCSS hotline on 1800 254 354.


Medical software templates for the CCSS Program are currently being updated. In the meantime, please use the PDF referral template available below, or phone the CCSS hotline on 1800 254 354.